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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Criminal Bookkeeping FAQ's

The bookkeeper is responsible for all money handled in criminal division, including cash bonds, court costs and fines, and drug court supervision fees.

All money received is deposited daily and a daily report kept for the state auditors. Audits are generally done every two years, but can be done at any time. A record of all receipts, checks, voids, bank statements, etc. are kept for the record and for auditing purposes.

Cash bond money is held on account until a case is disposed and then applied to the money due on the case and/or refunded to the defendant.

Restitution money is dispersed as it is received, according to the court order.

A monthly "END OF THE MONTH" report is done at the end of each month and all money collected is dispersed to the various state and county agencies. Only money held on account as bond money on a pending case or money that has been returned because of bad addresses is left in the bank account at the end of the month. Any unclaimed money held more than five years is forwarded to the Shelby County General Fund as required by law.

The bookkeeper is responsible to make or oversee the daily deposits, print checks, submit end-of-month reports to AOC, reconcile the bank account and generally oversee any bookkeeping issues. In addition, the bookkeeper is responsible to run a report of delinquent monies to report to the District Attorney's Restitution Recovery unit.

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